Workplace Competition and how to get Ahead!

workplace competition

As a consequence of scarce resources, living things seek survival. The demonstration of competition is therefore an integral part of us by nature. Amongst us living things, human beings exhibit competition the most, with some of us more competitive than others. It acts as a fuel to the success of some people, for others it makes them feel alive and for the rest, it may be their doom.

Whether it’s on a racetrack, in the classroom, in a job interview, or in the meeting room, we’re all about surpassing our competitions.

Competition can be healthy — and does have the potential to drive us forward to excel. But, if the very thought of it derails us, we have a serious problem. Ultimately, we must face facts. There are likely to come across individuals that we deem more capable, or successful than ourselves. However, the very notion of competition doesn’t have to evoke debilitating stress and self-doubt. (more…)

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3 Innovative Employee Engagement Activities that Work!


The term employee engagement is a familiar one, major Organizations meet employee engagement needs such as  clear goals, a context for their work, opportunities to develop and progress, recognition and rewards, ongoing feedback and coaching on their performance, and opportunity to do their best.

But the questions is how effective has this basic approach been? Not much

it’s time to get creative.

Since employee engagement is critical to organizational success, getting creative in how you build it isn’t a bad idea.   (more…)

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“Lets Take Your Hand”- StaffYard

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Because we are passionate about helping you achieve productivity through your employees and also attain that measure of success you deserve to grow your business.

StaffYard, The Online Human Resources Management Application is offering a service so unique that makes it easy to manage onboarding of new and hired employees, with an intuitive system such as StaffYard you worry less with what how your employees are being productive, we do the worrying with integrated task and logging feature, intelligent reports to determine the behavioral characteristics of your employees, a realtime request feature for you to be on top of your employee’s needs and our unique goal system will ensure you’re better connected with your team than ever before.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”  ― Ernest Hemingway

Let’s Take Your Hand!!!!!

StaffYard is offering 60 days free trial for businesses that are willing to trust us to achieve productivity.

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Workplace Productivity: The Know How


Productive workplaces are built on teamwork and a shared vision of where a business is heading. There’s a willingness at all levels to keep learning and investing in skills. In a productive workplace everyone’s role is valued and all staff are encouraged to contribute ideas. ”

Workplace productivity is essential to the employees, employers, organisation and economy who will all benefit from this. (more…)

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What is Culture?


Culture is defined as the way in which members of an organisation relate to each other, their work and the outside world in comparison to other organisations.

Culture is a buzz word because it’s important. Culture is the living, breathing organism that speaks to what’s most important to an organization and what is valued. It’s easy to see why in tech companies, especially ones that are growing fast, culture would be a huge hot button. But it’s a crucial ingredient of any organization. A readily defined culture can help promote vision, build community and retain and attract (the right) talent. More broadly put, culture is about creating and sustaining the life of your business. What business doesn’t need that?


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10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

Top Talent

Have you ever noticed leaders spend a lot of time talking about talent, only to make the same mistakes over and over again? Few things in business are as costly and disruptive as unexpected top talent departures. With all the emphasis on leadership development, I always find it interesting so many companies seem to struggle with being able to retain their top talent. In today’s column, I’ll share some research, observations, and insights on how to stop the talent door from revolving.

Ask any CEO if they have a process for retaining and developing top talenst and they’ll quickly answer in the affirmative. They immediately launch into a series of soundbites about the quality of their talent initiatives, the number of high-potentials in the nine box, blah, blah, blah. As with most things in the corporate world, there is too much process built upon theory and not nearly enough practice built on experience. (more…)

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Measuring your small business: 3 key components

managing your small business

In a discussion with a friend who owns a small restaurant down town, we suddenly were talking about successful small scale businesses and she lightly asked what she can do to improve her business performances, I instinctively asked her to rate the business’s performance and where she is headed.

It was a shock when I found out that she couldn’t rate her business performance and she mentioned shyly that she had never taking time to measure her business and thought measuring was for huge businesses.

A quote by Peter Drucker says ‘Your #1 business mistake is that you’re running your business blind!‘ I absolutely agree, if you’re not measuring your performance throughout your business, you can’t improve. And worse yet, you don’t really know what you should even be focusing on to improve. It’s like running around in a maze, and you haven’t kept track of where you’ve been, and you’re not sure what to do to get out.

To run your business, you need to be able to evaluate its performance to help you become more successful and achieve your goals effectively. (more…)

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Guidelines for choosing an online human resource management system to manage Your People.

Online HRMS

As human resource professionals, the performance and behaviors of your employee can result in a success or failure of your business.  It is important to lead, motivate, train, inspire, encourage, and also be responsible for hiring, firing, disciplining, and evaluating your employees in order to create a win-win relationship for both your business and your employees.

James Sinegal says ‘when your employees are happy they are your  very best ambassadors’ I totally agree and I know you will too.

Choosing the right online human resource management system to help manage your employees requires carefully outlining of the needs and objectives of your organization. Choosing wrongly can result to your human resource management (HRM) functions performing below its full potential.

Below are some of the approaches that should be considered in order to make the best choice, that will ease your workload and increase your productivity. (more…)

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What are you doing this 4th of July?

Happy Independence day America!!!

4th of July my most fun holiday……

I will be attending a cook out at my parents’ place;  really excited about seeing a couple of distant cousins. It will sure bring back those boyhood memories.

If you’re looking for inspiration in creating an Independence Day to remember,  I have shared a couple of things i did for the Fourth of July.

  1. Go to a Parade
  2. Watch a Block buster movie
  3. Have a family cookout
  4. Watch some fireworks.

What will you be doing this 4th of july?


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