Basics of Human Resource Management


Human resource (HR) management is a vital part of your company. To be truly effective, your human resource team must be experts in a number of important areas. The HR team is responsible for diverse aspects of each employee’s career, from recruitment to hiring to various aspects of their job while employed at your company. An effective human resource team effectively executes your policies and procedures and keeps your workforce motivated and productive.

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4 Ways the Workforce is Changing


The changing workplace isn’t the office of your parents anymore. Three-piece suits ever so neatly accessorized with the perfect tie and skirt suits coupled with the perfect pair of pumps aren’t staples of most work wardrobes anymore. The ideal employee isn’t a “yes man,” they are the team members that question convention and even (wisely) challenge the opinions of their supervisors. The way we think of work and the traditions that go along with it are changing with a digital separation of work and life and how employees are motivated to perform their best.


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“Lets Take Your Hand”- StaffYard

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Because we are passionate about helping you achieve productivity through your employees and also attain that measure of success you deserve to grow your business.

StaffYard, The Online Human Resources Management Application is offering a service so unique that makes it easy to manage onboarding of new and hired employees, with an intuitive system such as StaffYard you worry less with what how your employees are being productive, we do the worrying with integrated task and logging feature, intelligent reports to determine the behavioral characteristics of your employees, a realtime request feature for you to be on top of your employee’s needs and our unique goal system will ensure you’re better connected with your team than ever before.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”  ― Ernest Hemingway

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Workplace Productivity: The Know How


Productive workplaces are built on teamwork and a shared vision of where a business is heading. There’s a willingness at all levels to keep learning and investing in skills. In a productive workplace everyone’s role is valued and all staff are encouraged to contribute ideas. ”

Workplace productivity is essential to the employees, employers, organisation and economy who will all benefit from this. (more…)

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Rethinking Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management image

Decades ago, human resource management was defined ‘As all those activities associated with the management of the employment relationship in a firm. This definition has been argued to be very broad, which does not highlight the distinctive features, practices and controversies surrounding human resource management.

Human Resources in recent times is defined as ‘A philosophy of people management based on the belief that human resources are uniquely important in sustained business success. An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity to meet clearly defined objectives. HRM is aimed at recruiting capable, flexible and committed people, managing and rewarding their performance and developing key competencies. (more…)

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