5 Signs It’s Time To Fire Your Problem Employee


As a manager, it’s your job to deal with tough employees. There are times you’ll have to coach staffers whose performance isn’t quite up to par , confront team members who aren’t pulling their weight, and even write up HR-backed performance improvement plans about workplace issues.

But there are also times when your efforts won’t be enough—and when the best approach isn’t to spend more time trying to help a difficult employee turn around, it’s to let him or her go

I’ve had to go through the process of firing an employee myself. And while it was an incredibly tough decision to come to, I identified a few factors that will help me know when it’s the right move in the future. If you’re in the same boat, consider these signs that it might be time to part ways with your problem employee. (more…)

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5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

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Think that your staff want to stay with you forever? Think again. It reveals that during the first quarter of 2015 23% of respondents are looking for a new job with a different employer. And if the economy continues to pick up, that situation is only likely to get worse, as employees grow more confident about switching roles during the economic upturn.

You are probably all too aware of the financial costs of recruiting a new member of staff, never mind the time and trouble that goes into finding the right person. So we’ve put together a 5 point guide looking into some longer term answers – as well as some quick fixes to help you improve staff loyalty.
So, bearing in mind that employee retention is not only important to avoid the direct costs of re-hiring and re-training for roles but also to avoid the impact high staff turnover can have on the morale and productivity of the rest of the team, here are our tips. (more…)

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Workplace Competition and how to get Ahead!

workplace competition

As a consequence of scarce resources, living things seek survival. The demonstration of competition is therefore an integral part of us by nature. Amongst us living things, human beings exhibit competition the most, with some of us more competitive than others. It acts as a fuel to the success of some people, for others it makes them feel alive and for the rest, it may be their doom.

Whether it’s on a racetrack, in the classroom, in a job interview, or in the meeting room, we’re all about surpassing our competitions.

Competition can be healthy — and does have the potential to drive us forward to excel. But, if the very thought of it derails us, we have a serious problem. Ultimately, we must face facts. There are likely to come across individuals that we deem more capable, or successful than ourselves. However, the very notion of competition doesn’t have to evoke debilitating stress and self-doubt. (more…)

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