The new app is a breath of fresh air for people management


StaffYard, a new web-based human resource management application company based in Nigeria, is sliding into the spotlight this summer, introducing a freshly conceived human resource support solution and a beautiful, full-feature application available cross platform.

StaffYard helps deliver human resource professionals in a fast-paced marketplace where people management is rapidly changing and businesses are struggling to stay productive while handling people welfare. StaffYard, like its competitors allows companies to interact with its employees over the application just one click away. StaffYard provides an elegant and intuitive dashboard that enables human resource manager to gain insights on business performance and people performance.

Other key features include: centralized employee database; leave management; intelligent reports; performance management; and google Sign on. In the near future, expect attendance management, interactive recruitment management, and an API.

Being flexible across different platforms, “StaffYard on the Go” promises to free you from the office, letting you manage your employee productively anywhere and anytime.

StaffYard was founded late last year and will be launching to the public at the end of this summer. There is no tiered pricing; StaffYard simply charges $20 per annum per user. Sign up to use the application Free for the Ember Months here

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