Tips to firing an Employee the right way


Firing someone is never pleasant. But when you have a poor performer on your hands, you can’t afford to waste your time or money by keeping them around.

There are certainly right and wrong ways to go about letting someone go. Get it wrong, and you could cause unnecessary heartache for the both of you — or worse, end up in court.

We spoke to a few Human Resources professionals about some best practices for firing someone who is not working up to your standards.

  1. A fire should never be a surprise
  2. Be prepared with specific data to support your decision
  3. Do it in a private area
  4. Don’t do it alone
  5. Empathy is good, but do Not sugarcoat or mislead
  6. Be brief and clear
  7. Lay out all their options
  8. Let them leave immediately, and schedule time for them to come back to get their things
  9. Take legal measures to protect yourself
  10. Never fire someone on a Friday

Source Business Insider.

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