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All your employees' information at your fingertips in one secure location.

Stop spending hours sorting and organizing your employees' data. StaffYard pulls everything—like job and salary history, benefits, training, and even documents—into one centralized location.


Reports anytime, anyway you want them.

You'll love how our software lets you filter, group and sort just about every piece of data in StaffYard. You can build custom reports and use our library of more than 1000 common reports.


Make a great first impression with our easy to manage onboarding.

Spend your new employees' first days on training and getting them productive faster. That mountain of work you do each time a new employee comes onboard will become a walk in the park!


No more struggling to keep your employee records

Never lose important data with our cloud based archive specifically designed for you. StaffYard is the safest place.
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